Vittoria Beltrame

Vittoria Beltrame is an independent curator, art dealer and advisor.

Her practice in curating focuses on the concept behind the exhibition, wanting it to be tangible and perceivable by the audience — consequently working closely with artists and galleries in order to deeply understand their vision and bring it to fruition. Throughout her curating career she has been working with emerging artists whose creative talent deserves to be brought to light and be seen worldwide.

She is highly interested in transhistorical themes, hence her interest and appreciation for both contemporary and classical art.

The art dealing side of her practice goes hand in hand with curating. Aside from that, she deals with privates and their collections as well.

She has graduated at Christie's with an MSc in Art, Law and Business and has worked at various galleries and auction houses throughout — meeting artists, collectors and a wide range of people in the art world daily.

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